We assist individuals or groups in planning their trip to South Africa to study English. We also arrange homestay accommodation, travel arrangements, airport transfers, car rentals and most other bookings.

We follow the same principles as all international EFL schools and use similar textbooks. We use the Total English, Cambridge and Headway books as core textbooks. If students wish to keep a textbook, they are available for purchase.

We are situated outside of the city centre  where it is safe for our students and where accommodation is readily available. Our premises are situated in an office building with 6 classrooms, a main office/reception area, a kitchen and staff room. Our classrooms are of varying sizes. In the classrooms we have whiteboards, desks, CD/tape recorders, DVD and video facilities.

All our teachers are either qualified teachers with a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate or they have completed their university degree with English as major and also have a TEFL certificate.

Our teachers are taken on a trial basis to ensure we have teachers with the necessary understanding and skills to teach English as a foreign language to adults.

Our school is for adult learners who wish to improve or learn English, at all levels. It is not to be compared to a regular school, College or University. On occasion we do accept younger students as well.

We issue a letter of attendance with the level of English achieved but no National Education Certificate. Although we do the preparation tests for Cambridge and TOEFL, these exams are run by the British Council and the American Embassy respectively. We do assist students in the registration of either examination.

We endeavour to guide, assist and support all our foreign students as far as possible to make their stay pleasant and interesting while improving their English language skills.


  • Studying TBE with Norman has been a rewarding experience. A dedicated English professor with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Norman was always available to explain, clarify, highlight, and illustrate concepts and answer queries promptly and thoroughly. I have successfully completed my studies, and am very pleased with the course and my performance. My performance and the confidence with which I completed TBE is only a reflection of the dedication Norman gives his students.
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