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The student can register with the school of English as an Online learner.

If you are already learning English, this is a safe place for you to practice your spoken English. You may use this time to strengthen your speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills.

This time with your tutor will allow you to pick up on the English culture and communicate with a native English speaker.

If you have little to no English knowledge, these lessons with your tutor will help you with a foot in the right direction, using a conversational approach you will be able to practice listening, speaking and vocabulary.


At Cape Town School of English, we offer business and conversational English, you may decide which package you would like to take.

Conversational English
These lessons will be a lot more relaxed and have plenty of talk time so that the student may practice what they know and learn more, about the language. It will also allow them to pinpoint any areas where they are lacking, for example, grammar or vocabulary.

Conversational classes will be tailored to suit the needs and interests of the student.

Business English
his will follow a similar construct to the classes offered during the day. A need’s analysis will be done, discussing the specific points, outcomes and purpose for which the Business English is needed. Classes will be adapted so that it can benefit the student’s proficiency and needs, (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.)

Payment and Bookings

The first step is to register, we will then send you an invoice with banking details. Thereafter payment can be made pay via EFT and proof of payment should be emailed. Lessons will need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance to afford the teacher time to create lessons and schedule them appropriately. *Proof of payment needs to be sent to info@ctenglish.co.za before any lessons can be scheduled.

Terms and conditions

Refund policies In the case where a class or part thereof could not be completed, due to weather conditions or technical problems due to the fault of the tutor, a refund or free class will be offered to the student. If the problem is not due the fault of Cape Town school of English, the student will then have to forfeit that lesson, the student too, is in control of the quality of the lesson. As all lessons will be done on Skype, each student has to be in a quiet area where they have a decent internet connection. It cannot be our responsibility if connectivity or technical problems is at the fault of the student. It is essential that the student ensures a good internet connection during the time of the lesson.

Cancellation of classes Students and teachers will be in contact with one another. Cancellations need to be confirmed via email 24 hours ahead of lessons or else booked lessons/hrs will be forfeited.

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