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Communicative Competence in the Business and Academic Environment

With modern global movements of people, companies and work opportunities, corporations and institutions are increasingly requiring non-native English speakers to provide a recognised proof of English language competence in job applications. The TOEIC has become especially important in this regard in the world of international business as its Listening and Reading Test and Speaking and Writing Test together evaluate one’s ability to listen to conversations and talks, one’s ability to read standard business documents and perform tasks based on them and one’s ability to give and respond to suggestions and state opinions in both speech and writing. A good TOEIC score is therefore especially valuable for managers and upwardly mobile employees seeking new and challenging positions in internationally recognised companies.

The TOEIC is widely available as there are official test centres in roughly 150 countries and TOEIC results are recognised and used by approximately 14,000 businesses globally.

In recent years, the TOEIC has become of relevance for students also as universities in major European nations, such as Italy and France, are increasingly requiring good TOEIC scores before granting a degree or diploma. Given its well-established use in the world of commerce and its increasing academic significance, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced students of English will find the TOEIC to be of great and growing relevance.

Mapping the TOEIC® and TOEIC Bridge™ Tests on the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – DOWNLOAD PDF

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