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We assist with all aspects of:

  • Finding Homestay Accommodation
  • Travel and leisure
  • Booking tours and trips
  • Opening a bank account (for long term students, done at the office once the course has commenced)


A translation service is also offered for the main European and South African languages. Sworn translators are available in some languages. Translations in electronic format are preferable although hard copies are accepted. Please contact the relevant office at: info@ctlanguages.co.za


Students from certain countries could travel to South Africa on a Holiday visa, this is for a period of 1 – 3 months and is issued on entry to South Africa. Many other students would need to apply for a study visa. The student should check this with the South Africa Embassy in their home country.

Although extensions are given in South Africa, it is best to apply for the full visa before leaving your country. Extensions within S.A. need to be applied for 1 month before the end of their current visa. Details such as medical insurance, a bank statement indicating sufficient funds to remain in S.A., a valid flight ticket and passport will be required from the student applying.

When applying to register for a study period and thereafter for the necessary study visa, be sure of your plans and apply for the correct length of stay and visa. It is expensive and time consuming to go repeatedly to renew a visa. If you are in any doubt about your particular situation, our office will gladly assist and guide you.

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