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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? Read throught the freaquently asked questions and see if your question can be answered.

1. a) When can I start my course? b) When do you close
a) At any time. Preferably at the beginning of a week.
b) We close for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year.
2. a) How do I know what level of English I have? b) I don't speak any English.
a) We will test and advise the best class for you.
b) We have classes for complete beginners
3. How do I pay for the classes?

Either by bank transfer, card or cash when you start your course.

4. How long do I register for?
That is up to you. Students register for anything from a 2 week to 1 year course.
5. If I apply from overseas and need a visa, how does the payment work?
You need to pay for the course as stipulated on your registration form. If your visa is turned down, we will refund your fees.
6. Do you offer the TOEFL/Cambridge exams?
We offer the preparation for these exams. Although the TOEFL exams are offered on a regular monthly basis in S.A., the Cambridge exams take place three times a year.
7. What will the books cost?

R50 per studetn book and R30 per workbook 

8. What do the courses cost? What will the Homestay cost?
Please contact us regarding the costs as it will depend on the length of the course and the study days per week. Homestay fees depend on requests for either half-board or accommodation only arrangements.
9. Would you recommend Homestay or just Accommodation without meals?
We definitely recommend Homestay but assist students who want accommodation without meals, where possible.
10. What level of english do I need to register for university?
You will need to improve your English to a minimum level of Intermediate / Upper- Intermediate. You may be required to do a TOEFL or PTE exam to register for university.
11. When am I eligible for a refund?

You will only receive a refund if your VISA is denied.

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